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Plot Details & Spatial Planning

Field Characteristics

The maximum number of beds is 24 , being in the top 10 luxury 5* Boutique Suites .

The property is just 150 meters from the port and the beach of Bali, on a hill with panoramic sea and mountain view, in just 40 minutes distance from Herakleion’s N. Kazantzakis International airport, 60 minutes from I. Daskalogiannis International Airport of Chania. Also, it is approximately 35 minutes distance from Heraklion Port and 50 minutes from Souda.

The key principle of the study is the creation of luxurious 5 * Boutique Suites with autonomous, fully-equipped rooms with individual heated pool or Spa-Jacuzzi. In this context, 10 * 5 * Boutique Suites, of 5 different types, developed on 5 levels, were designed and integrated. The premises that make up the luxurious complex with the main uses are:

A - Level, reception, breakfast area, gym with Ham-mam - Sauna, utility rooms.

B - Level, Type A - C rooms.

C - Level, Type B rooms - D.

D - Level, Type E,

E - Level, attic Type E level.


Different types of rooms compose a luxurious 5 * Boutique Suites that develops unified designs to create a comfortable aesthetic while having separate day-to-day - breakfast - and relaxation functions. In the surrounding area, there are lush planting areas with shading pergolas and seating areas, individual heated swimming pools or a small spa pool heated, self-cleaning,with dimensions 140 * 200 * 60 and 160 * 200 * 60 with color therapy, aer massage, jacuzzi.

Although, it is permissible to create more rooms, with more beds, as it appears from the surface of the plot, it was chosen to create a luxury accommodation of less capacity, in order to give a larger area per visitor and reduce the density of the population, since privacy of the visitor requires a high level of luxury services, which will be the main pillars of the hotel operation. Sound insulation throughout the high standard building has been ensured.

Also, important factors in the design of the hotel were the unrestricted views of the sea and the local climate. A key feature of the building's composition is the symmetry axis that leads from the impressive central entrance to the sea.