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Detailed description of the building


The Level 1 accommodates the entrance of the accommodation, with the reception area (RECEPTION), security staircase, elevator access, living room breakfast area, fitness area, Hammam and Sauna area with changing rooms and toilets and utility areas for accommodation.


Level 2 accommodates 4 luxurious rooms, of 2 different types A - C with outdoor heated pool.


The Level 3 accommodates 4 luxurious rooms, 2 different types of B - D with large individual Spa Jacuzzionthe balconies.


The Level 4 accommodates 2 luxurious E- type loft rooms with an outdoor heated indoor pool with large individual SpaJacuzzi onthebalconies.


The Level 5 accommodates 2 luxurious D- level, E-level loft rooms with an outdoor individual heated pool, with large individual SpaJacuzzionthe balconies.

Site Analysis

The different types of rooms are designed to develop and feel the comfort of the space combinedwiththeutmostluxuryand privacy, while there are distinct dining, sleeping and diningfunctions.Keepingtothe high standards,fortheimplementationof this complex, white appears and dominates in all areas.

In the surrounding area there are paved sections of semi-white rock of exceptional quality outdoor, dense planting, heated pools and Spa - Jacuzzi.